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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cortijo el Canal Bottle 2L

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ORIGIN: El Canal Farm, Puente Genil (Córdoba)

FORMAT : 2L bottle



You Cash register Box Weight Dim. Cash register
2 4 23x16x32
4 8 23x32x32
9 18 37x37x28


Taking advantage of the generosity of this land, Cortijo el Canal produces one of the best oils in the area. From this hojiblanco fruit and based on the traditional elaboration of decanters, grinding only olives in an early stage of maturity, collecting the vesanas according to their suitability for elaboration through cold extraction, we obtain Cortijo el Canal oil.

It’s natural, unfiltered, untreated, no preservatives added, just squeezed and packaged for you.


We continue the legacy of our ancestors since 1885, in an oil tradition that has been inherited from father to son and is now in its fourth generation.


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