Mission, vision and values

– Mission: “Produce a quality olive oil, continuing the family tradition since 1885, to bring our extra virgin to all corners of the country.”

– Vision: “To be a benchmark company in the dissemination of the culture of olive oil, through the production of a quality extra virgin, through clean processes that reflect our commitment to the environment.”

– Values: “Tradition, Responsibility, Professionalism, Innovation, Solidarity, Ecology”

  • Tradition: Based on the continuation of the family legacy from our great-great-grandparents.
  • Responsibility: Efficient work together with an exquisite treatment with our clients.
  • Professionalism: Set of technical and human knowledge to obtain the best extra virgin olive oil.
  • Innovation: Constant evolution in the search for improvement in production, marketing, fluid contact with the client.
  • Solidarity: From the sincere and generous commitment to society.
  • Ecology: From the commitment to our environment and the planet we inhabit, inherited from our elders and legacy for our children.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a well-known concept in modern business management, which little by little is being introduced in Aceite Cortijo El Canal. It includes all the actions carried out by companies voluntarily, to generate a social or environmental benefit.

Different initiatives launched are part of this line, which beyond its business mission of marketing the olive oils we produce, we have signed collaboration agreements with different non-profit associations, with the aim that our #EVOOs contribute to social and environmental purposes.

In this way, olive oil, in addition to being a healthy food in itself, can also contribute, through our company, to the investigation of different diseases, to improve the environment and collaborate with the society in which we are developing our work.

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